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A responsive marketing site for the BS Flag brand that allows eCommerce functionality and allows a user to see all marketing material published for the BS Flag brand.


Being a more tongue-in-cheek side project for BMGI's CEO the main challenge was to organize all of the current video marketing material and provide easy access to eCommerce functionality.


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
  • Bootstrap 3

Carl Ford

Director of Business Development








The BS Flag has been a side project of BMGI's CEO for several years. The product is meant as a novelty item for corporate team building marketing purposes.


The BS Flag product has been around for several years and many different marketing videos and pieces of marketing collateral have been created. A potential customer has never been able to order the BS Flag from a dedicated site. The marketing material and eCommerce functionality needs to be wrapped up in a responsive, modern interface.


Carl has been Director of Business Development for his company for several years. He is a big proponent of team building exercises for his team and the marketing team. He views the BS Flag as a good way to help his employees vent about issues they have in the office in a productive, controlled environment.


Any concerns about the product are echoed with any team building purchase he makes. Carl wants to make sure he's easily able to purchase the BS Flag(s) from the eCommerce section of the BS Flag home page and possibly share any marketing video content with his team so they know what to expect from the product.

"The BS Flag has been a side project of BMGI's CEO for several years. The product is meant as a novelty item for corporate team building marketing purposes."


There are two aspects of the site that need to be organized and the userflow thought out properly: marketing video content and the eCommerce "store". A user must be able to easily access all marketing content with as little clicks as possible.
Mexico City Userflow
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The site will be laid out in a very standard format. An SPA (Single Page Application) was considered but felt too crowded as the marketing videos and eCommerce sections need to be broken out.
Mexico City Userflow
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The revised site was greeted very warmly internally and while it is not clear if it had any affect on direct sales the BS Flag is continued to be sold to this day.

Goals Met?

There were two specific goals for the project and both were met fully. Customers were easily able to view any marketing content surrounding the BS Flag and were able to directly purchase one from BMGI.

Final Product

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