C.L.A.R.C (Centurylink © Analytics & Research Center)


A modern, responsive marketing website with accompanying and wholly redesigned branding differing from Centurylink's core branding.


Representing a new division of Centurylink with clean, modern and attractive branding and providing new customers/users with a thorough, yet brief marketing website.


  • Invision, Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, wow.js and animate.css

Dave Waller

Wells Fargo Technology Representative








With the emergence of new data analyst technologies Dave Waller, a representative of Wells Fargo's technology divison, is looking for a new tool for Wells Fargo's data analysts to be able to store and run their predictive data models. Wells Fargo is looking to stay on the cutting edge of data analysis whilst still using a software product from a trusted corporate entity.


  • Discover a new partner for Wells Fargo for their data analyst division.
  • Learn about any software products the company might offer.
  • Get quick, brief access to any other services this specific division might offer.
  • Have quick access to contact info.


Dave Waller is a 35-year-old representative of the technology divison of Wells Fargo. He currently lives in downtown Seattle, WA with his wife and two kids. A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder Business School he has previously worked for Specialized Bicycles. He considers himself technology-adept and a strong purveyor of tech market trends.


While data analysis is not new by any means the market is now flooded with different software products from companies ranging from startups to fortune-100 corporate entities. Dave wants to make sure the software product they choose is cutting edge, well-designed and developed, with support from a strong development team.

"Wells Fargo is looking to stay on the cutting edge of data analysis whilst still using a software product from a trusted corporate entity."


We decided to go with a single page, scrolling marketing site split into four basic parts: Attention, Objection, What is it? and Contact/Recruiting. CSS Webkit animations integrated as you scroll with wow.js give visual flare and help delinitate each separate section.
CLARC Home Userflow
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Using Adobe Illustrator each section was laid out in lo-fidelity before any color palettes, fonts or specific messaging were agreed upon. It was important to the team that the call-to-action and bullet points on data science were clear and provided easy user accessibility.
CLARC Home Wireframe
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  • The branding proved more difficult than expected due to Centurylink's branding guidelines and restrictions.
  • The inclusion of animated graphics was well-received and garnered praise from testers.

Goals Met?

While the website never went live on Centurylink's internal servers the user-testing phase proved to be successful and the end goal of creating a slick, marketing website to represent this new division appeared to be successful as well.

Final Product

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