Player Performance App


Android, iOS and Web Application to replace the current Golftec scheduling service.


Architecting a cohesive brand-style for the Android, iOS and Web Apps and giving customers a digital 2-way communication portal with their instructor.


  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Bootstrap 4

Harold Franklin

Business Analyst (Retired)








After retiring with 30+ years of work as a business analyst for a major construction company Harold Franklin has purchased a golf coaching package from Golftec. He is new to golf coaching and would like an elegant, modern solution accessible on his iPhone for keeping in touch with his new coach. The current Golftec scheduling app feels slow and clunky to Harold, and he has already accidently scheduled a lesson he didn't mean to.


  • Have a fluid, responsive and easy-to-use scheduling service directly from his iPhone.
  • Access all of his personal coaching videos, as well as any instructional videos assigned to him by his couch.
  • View any original Golftec Scramble content.


Harold worked for 30+ years as a business analyst for a major construction company here in Denver, CO. Most that know him consider him affluent as he saved his money throughout his career. He is particulary adept at using new technologies and always buys the latest iPhone model. He has been a golfer for some time but has only recently begun taking professional lessons.


Initially Harold was hesitant about paying for professional golf coaching but at the suggestion of his daughter to find something to fill his time now that he has retired he finally gave in. With the high price for lessons, Dave hopes that he can see a change in his game and be able to manage his sessions using the redesigned iPhone app.

"He (Harold) is new to golf coaching and would like an elegant, modern solution accessible on his iPhone for keeping in touch with his new coach."


The customer needed to have a simple, easy-to-use solution for walking through the scheduling process. By using a wizard-esque format we were able to identify and polish the step-by-step process of scheduling a lesson with a GOLFTEC professional instructor.

At request from stakeholders, the initial homescreen had to be in a dashboard format with easy access to upcoming and past lessons and any instructor-assigned content.

The overall design of all three apps had to be cohesive even though each platform had different guidelines for which design elements should be used.

Golftec PPC Userflow

Golftec PPC Userflow
* Made Using Sketch



Although I left GOLFTEC before the app was made live, the reaction through user testing was incredibly positive. Both the instructors and the student's we put the app in front of loved the simplified scheduling and aggregated dashboard. The iPhone version turned out to be the main focus and Android was made a secondary priority as we found most customers had an iPhone.

Goals Met?

The stakeholders were all pleased with the proof of concept and a concept roadmap was put in place shortly after the initial testing to expand upon many features, including allowing customers to track which clubs they owned and any that they would want to buy in the future.