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Unithreat Dashboard


An aggregate, responsive dashboard for the Universal Threat Portal team to view all properitary statistics about a specific URL/IP/Hash.


The biggest challenge for the team was aggregating proprietary third party services, writing APIs to call those services and displaying them in a palatable manner on the dashboard.


  • Sketch, Invision
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
  • React, Bootstrap 4

Dana Martin

Threat Security Analyst


Dana Martin recently started working with the Centurylink Threat Security team. She has 14 years of experience being a data analyst working for the NSA. When looking up an IP, URL or Hash the analysts currently have to gather data through many different third-party proprietary services. It would be much easier for the team to have one place to see all the corresponding data.


  • The biggest challenge was gathering all of the back end APIs.
  • Writing an API for the services that don't have public versions.
  • Aggregating all of that information and displaying it in a palatable, modern, responsive manner.


Dana spent the past 14 years working for the NSA and previously worked on a high-security team. She has worked with all of the third-party services included in the dashboard so she is quite familiar with the data output. She is excited about joining the Threat Analysis team and using a more cohesive, streamlined piece of software.


The only concerns that exist in developing the software is making sure that all of the proprietary third-party services are organized properly on the responsive dashboard and that any analyst is not confused about what data they are looking at.

"The challenge for the front end team would be aggregating all of that information and displaying it in a palatable, modern, responsive manner."


The dashboard is an SPA (Single Page Application) that mainly requires proper organization of the proprietary "widgets". The site will not be responsive so the layout of the information for desktop is the primary focus.
Mexico City Userflow
* Made Using Sketch


While the dashboard is an SPA the team wants to explore exclusive pages for each proprietary third-party service that branch off from the main page/dashboard. The inclusion of React will make page transitions quicker than traditional HTML.
Mexico City Userflow
* Made Using Sketch



The dashboard was a success for the team with the greatest challenge being plugging in the public and custom-written APIs. The team was impressed with the quickness and responsiveness of the site due to using React.

Goals Met?

All goals were met during the development process. The next steps would be to start planning for the inclusion of any future services that arrive on the market.