Centurylink Model Controller
(Formerly Centurylink Runway)


A desktop web application that allows users to upload, manage and audit predictive models written in Python & R.


Boil down the complexity of predictive modeling into a simple, modern, easy-to-use desktop web application.


  • Invision, Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Python, PostgreSQL

Chris Siegfried

Data Analyst at Citibank


Dave Siegfried recently began working at Citibank as a Data Analyst. Citibank's data analyst team has begun the process of looking for a model management software to run and audit the many data models they have written in Python and R. The team needs an easy-to-use desktop web application that also has the flexibility of role-based user interaction and an API they can deploy locally, and securley within their tech framework.


  • Manage the many models the data analyst team uses.
  • The ability to upload, view and run different model deployments.
  • Deploy the application locally and securely within Citibank's own tech stack.
  • Have a "team" access with role-based features for both managers and data analysts.
  • Run the models and view their success and failure rates.


Dave Siegfried has been a data analyst for 11 years. He worked for Charter Communications for 8 years, took some time off to deal with starting a family and recently started working for Citibank. Dave prefers Apple products for their ease-of-use and graphical interfaces and tends to gravitate towards using software (and hardware) products that employ those same minimalist principles.


The concept of model management software is a bit new to Dave and his team. Traditionally the data analysts store their scripts simply in a folder, or any provided intranet services. Whatever decision they make the software needs to be incredibly secure, scalable and easy-to-use as their team grows.

"The team needs an easy-to-use desktop web application that also has the flexibility of role-based user interaction and an API they can deploy locally, and securley..."


Due to the complexity surrounding model management the team decided to try and boil down the userflow into an easy "iTunes-esque" content management system. Each model had multiple deployments (different versions) a user could upload all contained within a "project", which acted like a folder/container for the models.
CLARC Home Userflow
* Made Using Sketch


Using Adobe Illustrator and Sketch we laid out each section in a modern dashboard interface. The team meticulously went through each section and iterated over and over. Before we settled on proper branding and color palettes we made sure it was easy for the user to upload, and manage all deployments.
CLARC Home Userflow
* Made Using Sketch



  • The software began as a consulting tool for the company before it became a divison of Centurylink. The product shifted focus and featuresets with every new client causing a discohesive product.
  • User-testing showed that the interface was solid and well-received and, without direct influence, resembled another Centurylink cloud-based application thus fitting nicely into the ecosystem of Centurylink's cloud-based products.

Goals Met?

The user interface was liked by most users but as the market grew over the development process many other emerging products overshadowed Model Controller. Still, the inclusion of Google Material Design principles and cutting-edge visualizations from D3 gave the software a modern look and easy-to-use interface.

Final Product

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